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Congratulations to "A World of Loveliness" on winning the Tasha Tudor Birthday Blog Give-Away!!!  (Dear Penni: I can't seem to find a way to email you, so I hope you see this. Please message me at to give me the address to which I should send your gifts!)

Now...for some announcements...

- #1 - There was such enthusiasm over the prizes I was offering, I decided I would list identical aprons and an identical set of note cards in my Etsy shop!  And the BEST part is, a portion of the sale of each will be donated to the ongoing work of the Tasha Tudor Museum in Brattleboro, Vermont!  To see the items in my shop, you can click on the words "Etsy shop" in this paragraph, or follow the links given below:

...for the apron, click here:

...for the note cards, click here:

- #2 - If you'd like to follow me as Goodwife on Pinterest, you can by clicking here!  My boards include: seasonal ideas, home inspiration and housewifery tips, sewing, gardening, entertaining and hospitality, Tasha Tudor, sheep, and more!  If cooking is primarily your thing, than follow my other Pinterest account, Jiggety Pig, which is nearly solely devoted to the kitchen and FOOD (glorious food!) by clicking here!

- #3 - I also have an Instagram account.  Follow me as "goodwifeh" on Instagram!

- #4 - And lastly, if you have a passion for New England gardens (or gardening in general), join me next week for a photographic tour of six stunning gardens!  Last weekend I attended The Garden Conservancy's Open Garden Days in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire AND a gardening lecture by Tovah Martin!  What a delightful day!  I had my camera in hand and snapped hundreds(!) of photos.  (Don't worry, I won't share hundreds with you...just the best of the best!)  It's a rare glimpse at some of the most beautiful private gardens in New England!  Join me Monday through Saturday of next week for the tour!

Thanks to everyone who entered the blog give-away!  You have some inspiring blogs, and I enjoyed visiting several of them!  Blessings!


  1. Wonderful! I favorited your shop yesterday, I'll go have a look there! These cards are so pretty. Especially love the one with the yarn! Im a sucker for pretty yarn. So nice to meet you! looking forward to getting to know you here and on IG!~

  2. Congrats to your lucky winner!! :)

  3. Thanks for including me in the giveaway, and congrats to the winner. I enjoyed reading the links posted at Rookery Ramblings on Tasha Tudor Day.

  4. World of Loveliness - If you happen to read this (posted Sept. 17th), I can give you three more days to claim your prize, before I award it to someone else. Please contact me! Thanks!

  5. I just happened to check comments on my blog today (I seldom post anymore, so seldom check.) So sorry to have missed your comment. Congratulations to the blogger who received the prize! :) .... I am glad it gave me another opportunity to visit your blog. It is lovely. God bless.


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