The Summer of the Ice Cream Sandwich

In the summertime, I enjoy having a bit of culinary fun.  One year we had “Lodge Food Night”, and once a week I made a complete meal from the recipes of the historic national park lodges.  That was a delicious summer!  This summer, we are enjoying a different homemade ice cream sandwich each week.
Here’s a glimpse at my first week’s attempt.  I chose Black Raspberry Chocolate ice cream (yum!).  You have to let the ice cream sit out and soften for at least 30 minutes.

For the outer part of the sandwich, I purchased a box of pizelles, or Italian wafers.

Pile one high with the softened ice cream.

Then comes the tricky part…putting them together.  It’s very easy to break one or both of the pizelles while doing this.  The trick is to apply an equal amount of pressure to both sides when using such a delicate cookie.  Then, place on a freezer paper lined baking sheet and freeze until firm.

Since then, we’ve had:
- mint chocolate chip with chocolate wafer cookies dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in chocolate sprinkles
- coconut-pineapple ice cream on pizelles
- chcolate moose tracks ice cream between brownies
And this week’s was coffee ice cream between chocolate chip cookies.

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