Blueberry Pie Time

Last month I made a strawberry pie, because it was strawberry season.  This month, it was the blueberry’s turn.  I wanted it to be really heaping with blueberries, so I measured them directly into the empty pie pan until I felt it was full enough.

I used Tasha Tudor’s recipe, which has you sprinkle the flour and sugar into the bottom of the pan (before the blueberries go in) and then again after they’ve been added vs. mixing the flour and sugar with the berries and then adding them to the pan.  Either way seems to work.

The seasonal produce comes and goes SO quickly here in New Hampshire, you have to hop on it, if you’re going to enjoy it.  This month was also cherry month.  A local farmer knows I covet the tart cherries that grow on his farm, so this year he saved them for me!  So now, safely tucked into our freezer, is cherry pie filling (enough for a deep dish pie) for Washington’s Birthday.  In the dead of winter, that is going to taste so good!


  1. Looks like you are an expert at making a pretty crust! Love blueberry pie, but first, blueberry maple preserves need to be canned. Happy Summer, Kate:-)

  2. That is a beautiful pie crust! (Perhaps you'll share some of your pie crust pointers sometime...)
    Wise you for thinking ahead!

  3. Great idea, ladies! Watch for a pie crust posting coming soon!

  4. Hi Kate-I found your blog via Jenny's blog. Like you, I love my Via Lactea. We have some other things in common. I also am married to a techie type guy (engineer), love God!!!, have a son, like to cook and read and travel, and love New England (at least the parts I've seen). My real name is Felicia which is close to Felicity. I love Jenny's blog and admire her so much. She's like a young Martha! I will enjoy looking at your past posts! Greetings from Florida.

  5. Greetings from New England! Good to meet you! We do have a lot in common! And yes, I love Jenny's blog! her simple, and beautiful style!


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