The Aroma of Garlic

Recently, Colette and I made a quick trip into Boston to pick Felicity and Nora up from the airport.  Before we went to the airport, we stopped in Boston’s North End to pick up cannolis for everyone.  (Next time we’re there, I’ll take some pictures of Mike’s Pastry and their famous cannolis.)  Boston’s North End, where many Italian immigrants settled, is full of Italian restaurants and gelato stands, and the aroma of garlic hangs deliciously thick in the air.  Just a stone’s throw from Mike’s is the Italian grocer, Salumeria Italiano.

Besides the delicious breads in the window that drew us in, the store is full of imported Italian groceries, all neatly stacked on metal shelves.  The black barrel was full of olive oil.

There was a case of cheeses and customer after customer stepped up and placed their orders.  The thing I found intriguing was that most of the customers were men, “One-quarter pound of pecorino, please.”  Samples were given with liberality.

So many amazing olives and marinated tasties!  We came home with a small take-out box of marinated mozzarella.  Yum!

And now that we know that the Salumeria Italiano and Mike’s Pastry are so near to one another, we’ll definitely be stopping in more often!

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