A New Home

I did a bit of quiet rearranging this week.  I cleared out some kitchen cupboards and everything found a new home in the new sideboard.  Although it’s a bit unconventional, I realized that my teacups would fit very nicely in the drawers, so into the drawers they went!

My personal favorite is the one with the gold handle on the left.  It’s transparently thin Limoges and was the very first teacup I ever purchased.  Ahh…Limoges!  There’s nothing like it!  I can spot a piece of Limoges from across the room in an antique store.  And yes, I adore in “Out of Africa” how she hauled all her Limoges to the wilds of Africa.  That’d be me!  And how she throws that beautiful, candelit dinner party and at the end asks, “And besides, aren’t you glad I brought my Limoges?”  Who wouldn’t be?

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