The Great Closet Clean Out

The time had come.  Too many clothes.  With determination and a free afternoon, I tackled the Great Closet Clean Out.  I was feeling ruthless.  Wrong size — out.  Stained — out.  Dreadfully out of style — out.  Worn — out.  Still wearing the dry cleaner bag from California — definitely out.  Three hours later, my bedroom floor was covered in empty hangers.

It was very freeing!  It felt wonderful to rid myself of the extra “stuff”.  Mostly it felt wonderful.  But now I’m starting to wonder how this is going to work.  My available spring/summer tops fit in a single foot of closet space now.

Hmm…seems a bit sparse.  I have one pair of shorts and three pairs of capris.  Can I make it through the summer like this?  In some ways, it’s been a bit fun, because I’m pairing things together that I’ve never paired before.  So that creativity is a bit rewarding.  And then there are these fun, new beauties.

Onward and upward with the spring cleaning!

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