Pantry Cleaning

I have a love-hate relationship with cleaning my pantry.  I love how tidy it looks when it’s all clean and organized.  I hate how a room so tiny can consume half my day with the cleaning of it.  And it really needs a complete cleaning two or three times a year to keep from creeping completely out of control.  But I do so love my walk-in pantry!

Here it is at the end of the day, all fresh again!

When we remodeled the kitchen in our former house, I had two larger cabinets with pull-out shelves for my pantry.  At that time, I converted all my food storage over to glass jars, crocks with lids, and baskets.  I love how it looks and the ease with which I can find and see everything.
Baskets are good for holding: potatoes, garlic, onions, misc. packets of dip mixes, little things (birthday cake candles, sprinkles, food coloring bottles, bottles of extracts, canning supplies, and more.  The large one on the shelf on the back wall holds all our stainless steel and glass water bottles…just a nice way to keep them contained.
Crocks with lids are useful for: coffee grounds, white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, raisins, currants, etc.
Glass jars are the best!  Mine hold: crackers, marshmallows, pasta, flax seed, rices (converted, basmati, wild), quinoa, oatmeal, meusli, coconut, chocolate chips, dried fruit, sugars (white, brown, dark brown, powdered, and raw), cocoa powder, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda, etc.
Large staples that I buy in bulk (flour, sugar, oatmeal) are stored in tubs with gamma lids on the floor.  A lazy susan holds peanut butter, honey, agave syrup, and Nutella.  And pretty much everything else sits on the shelves.

Behind the door hang our aprons.

A small separate shelf (an antique store find) holds specialty spices, jars of herbs from the garden that have been dried, cheesemaking supplies, and my mortar and pestle.  Our hand-dipped candles hang from the side.

All clean and tidy…for another six months.


  1. so pretty and tidy! Do you use your butter churn?

  2. No, it's just decorative. I have made butter, but I use my KitchenAid.


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