Color Explorations

Something about living with the always-stylish-Colette makes me more conscious of what I’m wearing.  This is probably a good thing, because don’t we all tend to get into a rut with our clothing?…always grabbing for the same combinations of separates over and over again?  I certainly do.
One of my Pinterest boards (you can follow me on pinterest as “Goodwife”…please leave your Pinterest name, and I’ll follow you back!) is called “Clothing Colors”.  I started this board when I realized how frequently I saw intriguing clothing color combinations in old paintings.  They were often colors that we never put together these days.  But they were really pretty!  And sometimes the inspiration for new combinations came from nature, a still-life photograph, and more.  Since I’m a firm believer that Pinterest is a giant waste of time if I’m not actually doing something with the pins I pin, I decided to be more purposeful in choosing my clothing.  And this little experiment has proven to be really fun!
Here’s a glimpse at the inspiration and then my execution of the concept:
The first was this beautiful photo of pinkish leaves and soft grays.
Gray with coral-pink.

love this pretty blending of gray, lavender, and silver.  My take on it had to be a bit more winter weather friendly.

This runway evening gown’s unusual color combination of robin’s egg blue and copper is so striking.  I opted to pair robin’s egg blue (one of my favorite colors!) with coffee brown for a close approximation.
Copper-brown and robin's egg blue.  Carolina Herrera

As a blonde, I can’t really wear the color gold well.  So when I first saw this stunning vintage gown (c. 1912), my first thought was that the gold sash was positioned far enough from the neckline that a blonde could actually wear gold like this.  Here’s the dress and my interpretation of it.
Black Battenburg Lace Evening Dress, Germany, c. 1912. (View 2, Bodice Detail)

It will be fun to experiment with a wider variety of colors come spring and summer!
Photo credits for the inspirational pictures: Photo #1 (click here), Photo #2 (click here), Photo #3 (click here), and Photo #4 (click here).


  1. What a wonderful idea, thanks for the inspiration for these color combinations.

  2. You're most welcome! I'm glad it was inspiring!


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