Clean Dishes

Spring cleaning has begun around here.  For years, I’ve collected red transferware dishes.  I’ve purchased them from antique stores all across America.  Slightly more than half of my collection is on display and gets dusted regularly.  And once a year, for spring cleaning, it all comes down and gets washed.

I limit my collection to floral patterns, a few English country scenes, and American scenes.  I am particularly fond of the American scenes…either Currier & Ives patterns or scenes of places we’ve visited as a family.
This scene of the signing of the Mayflower Compact brings to mind our visits to Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts.
This Mount Vernon plate sits next to a Monticello plate on a kitchen shelf.  As a family we toured both in 2003.
The midnight ride of Paul Revere is depicted on this plate, with the Old North Church (been there many times) in the background.
My favorite piece is this pitcher that I purchased in a delightful antique store in the historic area of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Technohubby was on a business trip, and I spent the day exploring the many historic sites on the self-guided walking tour, visiting the fudge shop, and poking in and out of antique stores.  This piece, with it’s lovely floral pattern on the inner rim of the pitcher, is a sweet momento of that day and was carefully wrapped and hand-carried back onto the airplane for the trip back home.
Although my collection has grown to such a size that I really don’t (shouldn’t?) add to it anymore, I do cherish the ones I have.  And I love it when they’re all nice and clean!

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