Snowy Scenes

Wednesday, it snowed all day long.  The next day dawned bright and sunny, and the roads being nicely plowed, I took a little drive around our town to capture some glimpses of our snowy landscape for you.

A freshly plowed dirt road.  When the roads are slick and/or snowy, I much prefer to drive the dirt roads rather than the paved ones.  More traction.  In our town, 50% of the roads are still unpaved.

Snow covered apple trees.

The Piscataquog River as it runs through our town, now partially frozen.  The ice is at least 12″ thick.  Click here to see this same view in the autumn (5th picture down; and the snowy road ahead is the 2nd picture in that posting.)

I think this is a small spring house, which is an early form of refrigeration.  They are sunk down into the ground close to a cold spring.  But now, this little one is nearly buried in snow.  If you look closely, you can see the tracks of some small critter running over the top of it.

And another dirt road homeward bound.

At home, the sunny day was causing the icicles to come crashing down upon the deck.  Too dangerous to use this door when the icicles are falling.

This is one view from the kitchen window over my sink.  In the summer, with the trees all leafed out, it’s impossible to see into the woods there.  But in the winter, I like to keep watch on this birch wood for animals.  Usually, I just see squirrels (which are only partial hibernators…they come out once in a while, as opposed to say, chipmunks, that hibernate for the whole winter), but once I saw a mink or a weasel!

The seasonally changing landscape…one of the best parts of living in New England!

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