Menu Planning Gymnastics

Colette and I share the menu planning and cooking responsibilities, she being responsible for two dinners and I for five. But this week required some fun menu planning gymnastics. For starters, I increased her responsibility to three meals. There are two snowboarding days where I will have to cook and dinnertime will have to be flexible. There’s a snow storm expected to come in Saturday evening, requiring careful planning so all provisions for meals are purchased already and providing a perfect excuse for some fine comfort food. And the Academy Awards are Sunday night, and that just begs for some festive food. A few leaps, some cartwheels, and here’s what the plan for the week looks like:

Thursday (Colette cooking) – spaghetti, green salads, garlic bread

Friday (snowboarding day) – Tomatillo Chicken Soup, green salads

Saturday (Colette cooking) – breakfast for dinner!…scrambled eggs, bacon, and Cranberry Walnut Bread (she’s making up this recipe!)

Sunday breakfast – Overnight Sticky Buns for part of breakfast – just essential to have on one snowy morning a year

Sunday dinner (Colette cooking) – Oscar Night – Bowtie Pasta (bow tie…get it?) with Garlic Cream Sauce, green salads, garlic bread. Individual chocolate cakes with raspberry mousse for dessert.

Monday (snowboarding day) – stuffed potatoes, green salads

Tuesday – cajun chicken paninis, green salads

Wednesday – Italian Crockpot Chicken, rice, salads

Some of these recipes we’ll be trying for the first time. A full report, if they are successful, will follow.

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