Thank You Note Season

“All gifts should be acknowledged with a note, unless the goodies were opened in
front of the giver—then you have the chance to thank them in person.”

- Emily Post

I've been doing a lot of thank you note writing these days.  Thank you notes for Christmas and birthday gifts are in the mail.

I’ll forever be grateful to my mother for making me write thank you notes as a child. It’s important. (Warning: I’m about to get up on my soap box.) I cannot even tell you how many expensive wedding gifts we have not been thanked for in the past few years. Where on earth is gratitude in this younger generation? Where on earth are their manners? If you are a younger person reading this, take note: when you fail to acknowledge with a thank you note a gift that you were given, the impression you leave on others is one of being an ungrateful dolt. Don’t be an ungrateful dolt. Don’t train up your own children to be ungrateful dolts. Write thank you notes!


  1. I agree..thank you note are truly becoming a lost act of kindness and respect. Thanks for keeping us on out toes.

  2. Oh, I couldn't agree with you more. Maybe it sounds terrible of me, but if I send a gift to someone and they can't even say thank you, there will be no more gifts sent their way. Where is common courtesy?

  3. Wow! Seems like I touched a nerve here. I debated whether or not I was being too harsh in writing this post. Finally I decided it was more like a "public service announcement". Hopefully, it will have an impact!

  4. I still have to work hard @ remembering to send thank yous, even though my mother was intentional in teaching. Have gotten much better, and two things we do that made it easier:

    I give a fresh box of thank you notes in my children's Christmas stockings. We try to get them written before nightfall on Christmas day, definitely before the tree comes down.

    Buy fun - or beautiful - stamps. 'nuff said.

    I keep boxed notes near the car keys and in my car console, stamps in my wallet... addresses can usually be accessed via smartphone @ if you are on the road and remember!

    Just this morning I cut a donut box lid into postcard dimensions, and all family members wrote "thanks for breakfast!" or whatever, and dropped into the mailbox on the way to school. A friend had lovingly brought impromptu donuts over the night before because my husband has been ill.

    Not always on top of it, but very conscious of being grateful for His many good gifts :)

    deb meyers

  5. Those are fabulous suggestions! LOVE the idea of thank you notes in Christmas stockings! I think I may adopt that idea! Thanks!

    I remember that before our children were old enough to write, I would have them color/scribble on a piece of cardstock, and then I'd fold it and use it as their thank you note card. Then, when just a bit older, I'd let them tell me what they wanted to say, and I'd write that inside of their hand-drawn card. So important to start them out early!


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