I’ve always wanted fine china, but never received it as wedding gifts, invested in it, or even found a pattern I loved. But while shopping in an antique shop this week, I found a lovely set of Limoges.  I've always loved Limoges!  It’s not a complete set, but I figure that I can find replacement pieces and add to it over time. The simple green pattern will work with Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas tablescapes. I love its neoclassical design! Makes me think of something you might find at Monticello!


  1. I always think of the movie "Out of Africa" in the company of Limoges china :)

    Deb Meyers

  2. Oh how lovely! I received a complete set of Lennox china in the Federal Platinum pattern when I married and, after all these years, it still makes my heart sing. Like yours, mine is a simple pattern that works well for every occasion. Happy hunting for replacement pieces - so much fun!

  3. Deb - Me too! I was almost going to quote that part of the movie when I wrote that posting, but decided not to at the last minute. I'm glad it brought it to your mind. Always makes me smile.

    Mary - Well, happy hunting would be going better if I could just figure out the name of the pattern. SO many Limoges patterns! And I can't seem to find mine anywhere. But, I'm sure I will eventually.


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