It’s scarf and sweater weather here. It’s leggings and tall socks weather. It’s hat weather. And gloves. And coat. Temperatures have been in the negative numbers overnight and just in the teens during the day. We’re bundled up and staying warm. Even so, I love it! The cold makes me feel so alive!


  1. I would love to send you some of our heat, in Australia at the moment we are experiencing a heat wave..there have been upwards of 145 fires burning across the state where we live.. some of the hottest temperatures ever. I would love to take some of your cooler weather.. I would love it to be cool enough to put on some of those lovely clothes you mentioned. It is always so much easier to warm up than cool down. I agree with you the cold is invigorating.. I much prefer it.
    thankyou for posting.
    blessings Nell

  2. Oh my! I had no idea. That's a terrible lot of fires! Coming from California, a place with frequent brush fires, I understand completely. I do hope you get some relief soon!


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