We have a lovely, lovely new market near us. Well…”near” is a relative term. It is, like everything else, thirty minutes away. But I digress. The store is just beautiful. It carries fabulous breads and gourmet cheese, artisinal sodas and ice creams, only naturally-raised meat, and lots of tempting goodies in bulk (trail mixes, nuts, etc.). The lighting is dim and beautiful, and classical music plays. Shopping there is a delightful experience. Costly, but beautiful.

And this is how they are selling cranberries this season! It’s a shallow, water-filled bin where cranberries from Massachusetts float. There are containers nearly and a scoop, and you just help yourself!

While I plan on doing most of my Thanksgiving shopping at the more economical grocery store, I do believe I will have to scoop some cranberries from here.

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