Heirloom Beauties

Today, Colette and I stopped by the farmstand in our area. My own tomatoes are pretty much done for the season. I’ve picked the last of them. But this farm was extremely well-stocked with heirloom beauties!

This is about two-thirds of the regular-size tomatoes they had for sale. They had another table about half this long full too.

And this was their supply of cherry tomatoes!

Every box of heirloom tomatoes was labeled with a tag identifying the variety and touting its qualities.

Mmmm...too bad they weren't having a tasting!


  1. What beautiful colors and varieties..I don't know how you kept from buying them all:)

  2. To confess...I didn't buy a one! I do have tomatoes of my own at home. However, I did buy plenty of other things!


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