Got Jalapenos?

We do. Oh my…do we! (Note to self: six jalapeno plants is at least three too many.)

I’ve used all the jalapenos I’m going to use for salsa. I’ve canned a dozen jars of jalapeno jelly. And still the jalapenos come. What to do with them all? So, I went searching online for more ideas.

I found a recipe for Candied Jalapenos that was raved about, so we gave it a try. It said they were good to place atop a cracker with cream cheese, to chop up and add to cornbread, to stuff into sandwiches, and more. Colette and I sliced three pounds of them!

I’d love to pop open a jar and try them. However, the recipe says to let them mellow for at least two weeks and preferably for a month. That’s a long time of anticipation.

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