First Day of School

Today we began the first day of our 16th year of homeschooling!  What a blessing!  This is what Max's schedule looks like this year:

Bible - continuing to work through the Westminster Confession; scripture memorization
Math - Saxon Geometry
History Year II - Tapestry of Grace
Literature Year II - Tapestry of Grace; including Tapestry's writing
Chemistry - taken at a co-op this year...our first ever experience with a co-op!
New Hampshire History and Constitution
Technical Arts - credit given for building a post-and-beam garden shed with Technohubby
Russian II - Rosetta Stone

And of course, there are trusty Ticonderogas for every subject!


  1. Looks like a very full and well rounded on, fellow home schoolers!

  2. And to you too! What a blessing to homeschool!


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