Happy First Day of Autumn to you!

I found this autumn beauty on a walk this week. Colette says, “It’s outgrowing its cap!”

They say that if you watch the squirrels and chipmunks, you can tell what sort of winter it’s going to be. The first winter we lived here, we never saw an acorn on our property…not one on the ground that whole autumn. Instead, we watched the chipmunks, working feverishly like goldminers. They ran to and fro, up and down the oak trees stripping the acorns right from the branches, stuffing them in their cheeks, and hiding them away for the winter. And, true to what they say, that was a harsh winter!

Last year when I took my walks, the ground was littered with acorns…absolutely thick with them! And last year…almost no snow!

Which brings us to this year. There’s one VERY busy squirrel outside our family room windows! On a daily basis he torments the dogs with his scamperings. (They do the “Up” thing and shout, “Squirrel!”, except it sounds more like “Woof, woof, woof.”) I watch him bury acorns in the front yard. And on my daily walks?…hardly an acorn on the ground. Time will tell…

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  1. Sweet Story! It was so very mild here in our area as well. I am looking forward to seeing if it is true.


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