In the Garden

This year’s garden? Sigh. What can I say. It’s been a mixed bag. This morning was a happy morning though. Here was our first real harvest of the summer!

The first zucchini squash (two different varieties) and the acorn squash I planted? All died. Replanted the zucchini. Japanese beetles eating the basil…as usual. Tomatoes? Doing okay, but a bit plagued by blossom end rot this year. Herbs are doing well. Onions are doing great. Bell peppers and jalapenos are doing well too. Brussel sprouts (those large plants on the far side in this picture) seem to be recovering from a plague of little, perfectly camoflauged worms. The worst infestation has been on the butternut squash (seen here), which has been simply under seige by squash beetles. We sprayed the eggs with Neem oil. And the already hatched bugs? I’ve resorted to vacuuming them off the leaves with a handheld vacuum. Works great! I’m out there every single morning…just vacuuming bugs. It’s weird. BUT I seem to be gaining the upper hand!

And the crops on the trellis? Well, a critter (porcupine probably) ate half the mini-pumpkin plants, and the other half were accidently taken out by the lawn mower (I have NO idea!). The sugar snap peas? All died. The beans are going like gangbusters! Go beans! We’ve had one meal of them already, and I’ve started a bag of small ones to save for Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll have them for Thanksgiving dinner IF a plague of giant bean-eating beetles doesn’t arrive, hail doesn’t destroy them, the porcupines don't come hunting, the lawn mower doesn't go astray, or lightning strike the trellis. IF.


  1. I would never have thought to vacuum the bugs off the plants..awesome idea!

  2. is organic! ;-) Another idea I had heard of was removing them with duct tape. But in the end vacuuming was the cheaper solution!


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