Harvest and Production

It’s been a most productive day around here. I spent about an hour this morning in garden maintainance. And then there was the fun part…harvesting! This was this morning’s harvest!

Then it was into the kitchen. The green beans were blanched, frozen, and bagged. When I freeze vegetables, I freeze them in batches that will do for a meal. These will be a meal for about six people.
Then I grated zucchini and made a total of eight loaves of zucchini bread. Mmmm.

 In the afternoon, I went back out into the garden to harvest basil. Just from picking from one plant, I got eight cups of basil leaves.

And about an hour later, I had five cups of fresh pesto filling the kitchen with its delicious garlic smell! Last year I froze no pesto at all, and we really missed it for pasta and chicken and sandwiches and paninis.

Hopefully I will answer the call of the tomatoes tomorrow. Salsa!


  1. My garden is a battle zone right with production rather low, but that is typical for August down here. Your pesto and bread look so tasty!

  2. Oh yes, mine's a battle zone too. Me against the pests!

    I wish I could hand you some bread and pesto right through cyberspace!


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