Thought Provoking

Recently, I purchased a gem of a book, The Spirits of ’76 by Eric Sloane. It focuses on the differences in how Americans think from the time our nation was founded until the book was published for its bicenntenial. This particular quote really stood out to me:

“I have often wondered if a modern city family were given fifty acres in a secluded wilderness or prairie land, along with a gift of a thousand dollars and even the means of getting there, what the result would be. My guess is that to most people, the fifty acres would hold no promise whatsoever except for what price it could be sold. And being too far from urban attractions, few city families would have the vision, or courage or even the simple will to pioneer a farm.”
- Eric Sloane


  1. Very thought provoking..that book sounds very interesting.

  2. Ummm...I highly recommend the book. Not a difficult read, but much to ponder!

  3. I loved the Eric Sloane books we have. I haven't read this one though.

  4. I think it must be one of Sloane's lesser known books. Too bad, because it's really good!

  5. is this the same Eric Sloane children's book? I purchased a paperback copy @ a yard sale last summer. Makes me want everything he wrote.

    deb meyers


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