Self-Sufficiency and A Life of Awareness

Another quote from my Eric Sloane book, The Spirits of ’76, that I enjoyed was:

“The extent of unawareness today would be unbelievable to the early American. All the necessities of life being made for you or done for you by someone unknown from somewhere unknown, produces a dehumanized existence in which the only part left for us to play is to pay out money in exchange. The old-timer seldom paid out money, instead he knew the source, the ingredients, and results of his everyday life; this gave him the satisfaction of self-security and self-vitality instead of existing in a somnambulistic state as modern man tend to do.”

- Eric Sloane


  1. Ok, so I love the picture..and I am beginning to think I need to read that book. Sounds very thought provoking.


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