We’ve tried a couple of the drinks on our list of refreshing summer drinks (click here for the list). The first one we tried was the last one on the list, June Bug. Let’s just say that there is something (SOMETHING!) wrong with that recipe. It was not a pretty experience. It involved 30-40 minutes of cleaning up my kitchen, taking a shower, washing my hair, and a little fuming that ran somewhere along the lines of (yes, I actually did say this), “We are going to have that drink if I have to put on my swimsuit and plug that blender into the outlet in the front yard!”

But the Pioneer Woman always comes through. She’s never cruel. And everything she touches is delicious! Her Cherry-Limeade recipe was no exception.

And all those cherries resting on the bottom…Felicity and I dug them out with a fork and devoured them! Yum!

Click here for the recipe. You won’t regret it!


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