Saturday Accompliished

I love Saturdays when we’re all busy getting things done! They are immensely satisfying.

Collectively, this is what we accomplished today:

- First day of the farmers’ market season and Colette sold out! Sold out with more than an hour to spare!
- Many plants that I’ve been searching for were all located at one stop today and purchased.
- A very nice birthday present for a friend was found and purchased.
- The lawn was mowed.
-Trash was taken to the dump.
- New plantings went into the front flower bed: two yellow yarrow, three black-eyed Susans, and three blue salvia.
- The deck railing was power washed, all its mossy crevases were scrubbed with a solution of bleach and water, and it was rinsed. Looks brand new now!
- The hammock was hung. Hello summer!
- The pansies in the urns on the front porch were replaced with a palate of red, white, and blue: coneflowers (blue), lobelia (white and blue), climbing vinca (pale green tinged with white), and volcano coleus (red).
- The perimemeter of the house was sprayed for bugs…keeps the spiders at bay.
- The house was swept. Vaccuming was done.
- A pot was prepared for the deck with: pink cosmos (probably not ideal for a pot, but oh well), white lobelia, sage, and thyme.
- The dead basil on the kitchen windowsill was replaced with a rosemary. (My skill with houseplants leaves much to be desired.)
- And last, but certainly not least, Technohubby installed a flag pole holder on the outside of the house! We’ve been wanting to do this for so long, and I’m just thrilled that it’s up in time for summer!

We ended the day with hot dogs from the grill, fruit salad, and potato chips. And we’re topping that off with a movie, and the tired satisfaction that comes from hard work.


  1. It is good when so much is accomplished and you can relax and enjoy the fruit of your labor :)

  2. Yes, indeed! It makes Sabbath rest all the sweeter!


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