Signing Off

I’m signing off for about a week. Colette, Max, and I are headed off on his civics club's trip. The plans involve: educational sightseeing, staying together in a large rented house, tasty food, s’mores with our homemade marshmallows (plain and coconut), and a little rain (so the forecast says). On the way home? The three of us are stopping in New York City! A full report will follow!


  1. I hope you have a nice trip, I just drove around nyc with my family a few days prior to your trip. I just want to comment on your foxglove. Foxglove, canterbury bells, and hollyhocks are usually hard to grow in my hot Delaware climate. But, the fall must've had optimum wetness for the seeds replanting and I have a bumper crop of all of these. They started new plants in the fall, never died off due to our mild winter, and our spring must've been similar to what an English garden needs! love,andrea

  2. That's good to know! I can't wait to see if I have more next year!!!


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