Polishing Furniture

This is my favorite furniture polish. It’s not the sort I use very often…just for spring cleaning times. I like how the label says it’s “Produced by lots of bees and Cambridge Traditional Products.” It’s so kind of them to give the bees their proper credit, don’t you agree? And my furniture loves it. You can almost see it soaking it in…like big gulps of refreshing water on a hot day. It does have a potent smell though, like something from a different era. I think the maids of Downton Abbey would’ve used this stuff. It makes your cleaning smell very thorough indeed. I highly recommend it!


  1. Hi Kate -
    Just back from a 10 day trip to Tennessee and was so surprised by all the changes after just ten days toward lots more green leaves and flowers as we returned to our country part of south Jersey. My heart leaps in praise to God and is filled with joy at His wonderful gift of the seasons - aren't we so blessed?! I hope we are always able to live where the seasons change. So, I poured a cup of coffee and put some granola (that we bought in the TN mountains from a sweet woman who bakes all kinds of amazing breads and pizzas in her brick oven) and sat down to read what's been happening at Wonderful Life Farm - and as always feel like I have enjoyed a visit with you and been so encouraged to keep a positive perspective in my life and give thanks. Your blog is a blessing to me, Kate. Thank you for your beautiful weaving of words and pictures - love the New England Spring Door photos. Praying for you and your family. God is good and He is trustworthy. - Esther in NJ

  2. Yes, spring is just bursting forth, isn't it? I am astounded at all the leaves that have appeared in just the last couple of days!

    It sounds like you had a delightful trip! God be praised for safe travels!


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