Cleaning in Earnest

Today I tackled spring cleaning in earnest. The entry is done! Everything is sparkly clean from top to bottom!

Here’s how it played out:

- Coat closets were cleaned out and items were either returned to the closet, put in a bag for charity, or put in a bag to consign.

- The contents of the mahogany bureau sorted through, yielding various items that needed to find another place to live…scrapbooking paper, musical flash cards, and a full-size pirate flag. We all own one, right?

- Furniture polished.

- All smudges and fingerprints removed from walls, door mouldings, and doors.

- Baseboards thoroughly cleaned.

- Every stair bannister wiped down on all sides to remove dust and smudges. There are 83 of them, but who was counting?

- All the normal dusting done.

- Room swept top to bottom.

- Entry rug vaccumed, then taken outside and beaten for good measure.

- Scuff marks scrubbed from all stair risers.

- Floor scrubbed with hot water and a rag, and buffed with a dry cloth to a beautiful sheen.

On to the formal dining room next!


  1. I LOVE spring cleaning!! I am working in my family room this week. ;o)

  2. Yes, it is so satisfying...everything fresh and clean and well-tended. And it smells clean everywhere! Love that! Happy cleaning to you!

  3. Wow- I am behind; great job, everything looks so bright and inviting.


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