This Summer's Garden

My garden planning got off to a slow start this year. Mostly this was due to the lack of snow. I know that sounds like an excuse. And it is, I suppose. But garden planning is best done on a day when it’s simply dumping snow outside, with a steaming cup of hot cocoa or tea at my side. So I kept waiting for snow…and waiting. And finally I just gave up and planned on yet another sunny day. And then Technohubby broke his hip. And then we went to the wedding. And finally when we got back, I ordered seeds. I’ve never ordered seeds so late, so I was practically dancing with joy when all the seeds I wanted were in stock and available for immediate shipment!

This is what will be growing in the garden this year:

-Amish Snap Peas (growing on the trellis; wll pick whole and freeze whole; destined for quick sautes)

-Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (growing on the trellis; will freeze most and eat the rest as soon after picking as possible)

-Quadrato Asti Giallo Bell Peppers (green bell peppers that “ripen very slowly to golden-yellow”, but are just as good when picked green; plan to freeze lots of these this year, because I’m tired of buying bell peppers at the store)

-Scarlet Nantes Carrots (our favorites; will freeze and/or bury in sand nearly the entire harvest)

-Yellow Onions (will purchase onion sets from the local nursery; some will be used in salsa; will braid most and hang them in the basement)

-Giant from Italy Parsley (will use fresh and also chop and freeze)

-Cilantro (will use in salsa to freeze; and will chop and freeze the rest)

-Genovese Basil (need to plant much more of this than I did last year; most of this will find its way into pesto for the freezer; will chop and freeze lots too)

-Waltham Butternut Squash (first year planting winter squash; said to be “an excellent keeper”, I plan to store these in the basement)

-Table Queen Acorn Squash (will store in the basement to keep the butternuts company)

-Green Oakleaf Lettuce (one of our favorites; dates from the 1880′s)

-Forellenschluss Lettuce (a.k.a. – Speckled Trout Back because its flecked with maroon spots; an Austrian heirloom)

-Mantilla Lettuce (a “large chartreuse butterhead”)

-Jalapeno, Traveler Strain (very reliable producer that we plant year after year for salsa to freeze)

-Brandywine Tomatoes (for eating morning, noon, and night!)

-Siberian Tomatoes (my favorite paste tomatoes; will use for salsa; and, if I plant enough, for spaghetti sauce too)

-Chinese Miniature Pumpkins (to grow on the trellis)

-Golden Zucchini (first year planting these; looking forward to them on the grill with a bit of olive oil and fresh herbs)

-Black Beauty Zucchini (our favorite year after year)

Yum! I can hardly wait…especially for the tomatoes!


  1. Do you still have seeds for your Mantilla lettuce? If so, where did you get them. I've been searching for years to find some.

  2. Ohh...I'm so sorry, but I don't have any seeds left. I couldn't say for certain where I purchased them. I usually purchase all my seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, but a quick look just showed me that they aren't offering them this year. Sorry I can 't be more help. I hope you find them!


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