I think I’m finally starting to catch my breath. Life is slowly returning to its new normal. Settling into a new normal is always a bit taxing on everyone. By the time I sat down each night, for the first couple of weeks after Technohubby broke his hip, I had just enough energy left to…fall asleep. He is much improved. (Still on crutches, of course.) Today was his first full-day of work in nearly a month. Yay!

Mostly my days have been filled with the ordinary, plus helping Technohubby…needs assistance with normal daily tasks, fetching and carrying, going up and down stairs, chauffering to and from work, and more.

Once, while he was at work for a few hours, I went to a 2-hr. wool felting workshop. More on that later.

For George Washington's birthday, I made a cherry pie from cherry pie filling I made and froze last summer when cherries were in season.

It snowed…finally!

Our local library hosted a talk, given by a local maple syrup producer, on how to do maple syrup on the cheap in your own home kitchen. More on that to come.

And, like brave people (or crazy people), we went to a wedding!…in North Carolina! Much more on that later!

Now that the new normal has settled in for awhile, I do believe I shall have some energy left at the end of the day for blogging. Looking forward to that!


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