Shop News

The kids are busy snowboarding with friends from church every Friday (all day) for the next six weeks. Given their ages and skill on the slopes, I figured my presence in the lodge was pretty unnecessary this year.  So, I decided I’d spend my Fridays at home…sewing. Today’s accomplishments?

A haversack! Just the thing for the budding patriot to keep his tin whistle and secret papers in. Also perfect for the junior naturalist..holds frogs, rocks, sticks, and moreIt's already in the shop.

And this year’s Christmas stocking stack was begun! A beautiful tablecloth, found in pristine condition in an antique store, now repurposed into eleven Christmas stockings! Fabulous texture in the weave of this fabric! I’m going to love these!


  1. This Christmas! Kate your giving me a panic attack....LOL! But, i will enjoy seeing what you make:-)

  2. *passes the smelling salts to Suzanne* Oh dear! Sorry to put you in a dither! I did have some fabric I just never had time for last year, so I'm getting an early start. I figure...why not?...since it's sitting right there on the shelf!


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