New York Fabric Purchases

My trip to New York City was primarily a quest for linen. And the City did not disappoint! The brown, taupe, and green are destined to become this spring’s gardening smocks in the shop! (The cream will line Christmas stockings…already in the works.)

I bought some cashmere. The pink and cream plaid (isn’t that fun, though?) is going to become Christmas stockings for the shop. And the espresso brown cashmere will most likely become the backing fabric for some masculine Christmas stockings.

And I bought ribbons and ribbons and ribbons! I stopped in at every ribbon shop I saw, but velvets and rayons were what came home with me. I could play with ribbon all day! I stuffed the whole delicious heap into a Shaker box in my sewing room, and I know I’ll have to lift the lid (quite frequently) to gaze at them and finger them a bit.

I purchased this masculine, brown plaid wool and its coordinating velvet with a personal project in mind, but all (or some) of it may become manly Christmas stockings for the shop.

I also did some fabric shopping for Colette, which involved messaging photos to her at home, via smart phones. This lovely, paisley brocade and paler dupioni silk are going to join forces with a vintage pattern for a special occasion this spring.

Now, to get busy sewing!


  1. Lovely! The pink plaid is so pretty and the green pair are just gorgeous!

  2. lovely selections...i would have had a miserable time choosing. Mood is on my list, now!

    deb meyers


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