New York City - Part II

Here I am by the giant button and needle in the heart of the New York Garment District, which includes fabric stores.

Near the giant button was this statue.

We spent most of the day shopping here, on 39th Street, which is just one fabric store after another. It drizzled slightly on us, but nothing in the way of daunting rain, for which we were very grateful. I found the selection incredible, but the prices not as good as L.A. Still, I was able to find some great buys on linen, cashmere, and ribbon. More on that to come.

A sweet sign in a shop window on 40th Street.

Here I am, just shopping the streets of New York City! I believe if you walked a few blocks beyond me, you’d be at Times Square.

Then we walked down to 37th Street to experience the most famous store in the district, Mood Fabrics. According to others who are “in the know”, Mood Fabrics is featured in the television show “Project Runway”…never watched it, so I have no idea. We took this elevator (that man is the elevator operator) to the thrid floor location of Mood.

Hands down, this is THE MOST amazing fabric store I have ever expereienced! The top floor, this one, holds only linen and wool. This is just one row of wools.

I didn’t even know that alpaca yardage existed. But just look at the selection they have here…and pictured is only about half of it.

The bottom floor has decorator fabrics. And the main floor has apparel fabrics and trims. This is just a glimpse at some of their trims. The first five veritcal rows of ribbons on the right are just velvet ribbons! Oh my! I putchased some chestnut brown velvet ribbon from here.

Finally, with our suitcases stuffed, we turned our minds to lunch…at 4:00 p.m. If I’d known how late we would eat lunch, I would’ve eaten more than a bagel and juice for breakfast. We spotted this tempting restaurant name, and headed for it.

They served up sandwiches, soups, pizza, and build-your-own salads. I opted for a small salad and a large slice of pizza. Technohubby had pizza.

Without a doubt, I wanted to stop at Macaron, a new bakery that sells miniature macarons in delightful flavors.

This box, plus two more in a small bag, were my purchases. We took them home, cut each one in fourths, and shared them all. The flavors are, from left to right: dark chocolate, raspberry, chocolate-coconut, honey-lavender, caramel fleur de sel, and blackberry. And in the bag (not pictured) were: pistachio and creme brulee.

None of us had ever had a macaron before. We didn’t know what we were missing! When you bite into them, they are soft as a pillow. Then they are chewy and squishy all together. And the flavor! It’s a veritable burst of flavor in your mouth…and taste exactly as the flavors they are. On any return trips, a stop at Macaron is a must!

Next up…a glimpse of the fabrics I purchased.

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  1. Oh your trip sounds amazing! and the macarons! they are so pretty! Can't wait to see what you bought. :)


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