I did a bit of an experiment with the carrots we grew this year.  Most of them I sliced and blanched and froze.  We've been eating our way through those.  But with about 35 or so of them, we decided to try something.  So I bought a big, plastic storage tub and filled it with sand.  It sits beneath my gardening table in the basement, next to my tomato stakes and some of Technohubby's miscellaneous wood.

It took two bags of playground sand from Lowe's to fill it this full.  I poured a layer of sand in the bottom of the tub.  Then I layered in carrots, so that none of them were touching each other.  Then I covered those completely with another layer of sand.  Then more carrots, and so on until all the carrots were covered and none were touching.

They're in there...just resting.  Well, most are just resting.  Some think they ought to send up greens.

Now, whenever we want fresh carrots (like for the stir fry we had for dinner on Sunday, or for a veggies & dip platter), we just go down to the basement and gingerly dig down into the carrot bin.  What a thrill to pull up a nice, firm carrot.  Just as fresh as the day we put it in the bin...three months ago!

In lieu of a root cellar (and you know I want one of those), it's working quite well!


  1. Thank you for posting this, Kate. I will definitely do this 2012. Because of your earlier suggestion to plant Scarlet Nantes... (was it S.N.?) I grabbed that variety seed for .20 @ Walmart, late in the season, just to try since we are not carrot lovers.

    As you know, our state's temps have been very warm late 2011. My son and I actually harvested them right before Thanksgiving. SO DELICIOUS and SWEET! It was as if I had never eaten a carrot before. We both decided to plant MANY in 2012, and I will definitely be looking for play sand to extend that sweet, fresh harvest.

    Thank you! Deb Meyers

  2. What a splendid comment, Deb! I am so happy to introduce you to carrot-loving! Most excellent! And, yes, I think you'll be quite pleased with the storage soloution...just be sure the box is in your basement. Happy carrot eating to you!


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