A Wrapping Corner

I like Christmas time to have a fun amount of hustle and bustle, but not an unnecessary amount of it.  Christmas shopping in December is not the fun type to me, especially when there are eleven other months of the year in which to do it.  In a good year, I shop throughout the year.  In an average year, I start in August and finish before Thanksgiving.  This year?  Well...I've thought about it...thought about it in the sense of "...oh...I'm behind...I'll think about it some other time."  And now here we are, aren't we?  I did start shopping this month, but very casually.  No list.  Just ideas sort of floating in my head...browsing through shops...picking up this...and that.  Then I found myself wondering what I really had for everyone on my list.  Some sorting and taking stock was in order.

So I decided to do that while just wrapping up what I'd already purchased.  At least I'll be ahead somewhere.  I like to set up a little wrapping corner in the master bedroom.  "Wrapping Paper Central".  This year, instead of half-way blocking the door to my closet with the card table, I dragged the small desk from the guest room into my bedroom and set it in the corner, by the windows and next to the fireplace.

I like this spot.  In the daylight hours I can see the view, and on days like today I can watch the weather roll in from the southwest.  I was delighted to watch a fat, bushy-tailed, gray squirrel scamper up the big oak tree as I sat there today.

And in the evenings, I can have a fire (alas, it's gas, but better than nothing), and wrap by the light from the sconces.  Very cozy.

It's so much easier to get into wrapping mode when everything's at your fingertips:

-wrapping paper (I love wrapping paper; it's almost an obsession)
-tissue paper
-gift bags
-gift tags (I love gift tags too, not as much as wrapping paper...but almost)
-trash can (typically for me, it's a used shopping bag...this year from L.L. Bean)

Things are taking shape now.  It's good.  I just have to remind myself not to be crazy about the rest...to be peaceful in this season of peace.


  1. Great idea! One thing we add in our home (a tradition I picked up from my parents) is last year's Christmas cards. We cut off the covers and coordinate them with wrapping paper for dressed-up packages and easy gift tags.

    Out of curiositiy, is your home older, or new and built in a traditional style? That's a beautiful corner!

  2. That's a great idea too!

    Our home was brand new when we bought it. We had a big fixer-upper when we lived in California, and although we love historic homes, my hubby was growing a little weary of remodeling being our lifestyle. Quite understandable.

  3. beautiful corner :)

    I'm behind, too, in that I have one niece to sew doll clothing for and haven't even started. It doesn't feel like Christmas if there's no doll to dress! Found a pattern from my childhood, and she loves "vintage", so it will be fun once started ...

    deb m

  4. How fun! I'm sure your neice will be thrilled!

  5. home with fabrics to recreate this! found fine red wool for the coat, too. ONly thing not exact: had to use lime mini-houndstooth for the jacket as no red anywhere to be found.



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