Happy Thanksgiving

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name." - Ps. 100:4

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We give thanks to the Lord for our blessings daily, but this Thanksgiving we had so much to be thankful: family, friends, health, a job, our home, our newly adopted dogs, a bountiful harvest from our garden, and most especially...a new family member, our grandson!

We were delighted to have our first white Thanksgiving, as the small amount of snow that fell Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, had not yet melted away.

We went to worship this morning, to gather with God's people and give praise for His blessings.  After the sermon, there was a time given for people to stand and praise God individually...their words very touching.  And we closed our service by singing Psalm 100.  That psalm, especially when sung, always touches my heart so.  I have heard it sung by the Pilgrim reenactors at Plimoth Plantation, and it reminds me of that small band of original Pilgrims who sacrificed so much and whose faith is a testimony, to generations, of our God.

Then we returned home and began making dinner.  Colette was in charge of turkey basting and mashed potatoes, plus she had made the chocolate-pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.  I had made pumpkin pie from the Boston Marrow squash that I grew, harvested, processed, and froze.  It made a delicious, mild-tasting pumpkin pie.

There were also spiced peaches, a recipe with several generations of devotees in our family.

I especially enjoy the parts of our Thanksgiving celebration that were grown or made with our own hands.  What a blessing is hard work and the fruit of our hands!  The stuffing was made from Colette's herb bread (cubed and dried), made more flavorful with onions from our garden, and seasoned with homegrown, ground sage.  The sourdough bread was made by Colette.  The candles on the table were hand-dipped by Colette and I last autumn.  And of course, the pumpkin pie came from this year's garden.

Felicity, Walter, and Theo, our new grandson, were spending Thanksgiving with Walter's family.  And since our families live in other states, it was the four of us for Thanksgiving this year.  In addition to making turkey and all the fixings, I bought a new tablecloth and found a turkey platter (for a bargain price) at an antique store.  I don't believe in not going to any fuss just because there's not 20+ people coming to dinner, because my family is precious to me.

Technohubby and the kids cleaned up dinner, and let me put my feet up and call my family in California for a chat.  And now we're all about to watch the movie, "An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving", based on the Louisa May Alcott book.  It's been on our Netflix queue ever since last Thanksgiving when Suzanne at Blueberry Cottage recommended it.  We're cozy and warm and well-fed and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Glad you had a lovely day! My feet are up now too and I must say I am pining for my bed;-)Enjoy the movie, you will love it. Right up your alley:-)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne! We are enjoying the movie very much!

  3. Kate - Thank you so much for all your wonderful pictures - although I am writing this on a previous post, the Sabbath Rest post (11/27/11) picture of sunrise is breath-taking. I am wondering if you would share your recipe for spiced peaches - especially cozy that this recipe has been a favorite in your family. God bless you today. You are prayed for. - He is good and He is trustworthy! - Esther

  4. oops, that beautiful picture was SUNSET!!! And since I am not a morning person, I was so envious that you were up that early and "with it" enough to take a picture! :-) Nonetheless - your pictures capture beauty and detail and are a feast for the eyes! Love the pictures of doors! Okay, I will stop here - I JUST LOVE THEM ALL! :-) - Esther

  5. Thank you so much, Esther! Yes, that was sunset. I am a morning person, but our sunrises are never as pretty as the sunsets from our house.

    I will share my recipe. I'll blog about it tonight!

    Thank you for your prayers! I will pray for you too!


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