Do-Aheads for Christmas

Some things can be easily done for Christmas weeks or even months in advance. Here’s a list of do-ahead preparations that I’ve done this year, or in the past:

- purchase Christmas cards 1/2 price after Christmas, or find a good online sale in July (bought mine this summer)

- sign, address, affix return address labels, and stamp all Christmas cards

- make and can jams, pickles, and more for making into gift baskets (done during the summer)

- keep an on-going list of Christmas ideas for eash person on your list throughout the year

- make presents early (try to have done in November)

- shop throughout the year for presents

- pick up extra canned goods during normal grocery shopping trips for Thanksgiving or Christmas donations

A little bit of advanced preparation helps one to be jolly instead of grumpy!


  1. An excellent list,Kate. I am jotting some of your ideas down I hadn't thought of yet:-)


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