Autumnal Dinner

I purchased a about a bushel of assorted winter squash from a local farmer for a mere $20, and now they are wintering in our basement. Some of the butternut squash became soup this week. And then I went gathering for dinner a second time in the basement. (I LOVE being able to pull the ingredients I need for dinner from the basement or freezer…bounty from the summer harvested and preserved!) This time I was seeking acorn squash.

I sauteed a pound of Italian sausage, some onion, and some apple; added a bit of curry, some pecans, dried cranberries, and some panko crumbs. It all went into the oven for awhile, before being topped with a bit of Vermont cheddar.

When served with a green salad and Colette’s herb bread, it made a delicious autumnal dinner!


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