Technohubby had today off of work, so we made the day a long date...or a mini-vacation.

The view from our lunch table. We watched while people drove their boats over to the marina, docked them, and came ashore for a bite to eat, some ice cream, a little shopping. We watched as people walked their dogs. And we watched adorable little kids trying to rock the wooden docks.

I know nothing about boats, but I do know this was my favorite of the day.

A little strolling, hand-in-hand, down these charming streets.

There was some chocolate seeking and finding, a cup of coffee for him, and a little window shopping.

We were charmed by the hard-to-catch weathervane on top of the bake shop.

And I did some antiquing in this fabulous old barn filled with all manner of great New England antiques: a mounted moose head, an old boat strung up with a block and tackle from the rafters, windsor chairs, yelloware, a great old butter churn, antique framed photos from old hunting and fishing expeditions in the White Mountains, handwoven baskets, and about a million other things. An enormous amount of dominoes came home with us.

But mostly the day was about time together and great conversation!


  1. Looks like a perfect mini-vacation! We just took one ourselves today since we couldn't get away camping overnight as we'd hoped. Hiking in a beautiful state park, lunch in a nice cafe, a wander through a good (free!) art museum, and a quick drive through our state capitol before heading home. Small breaks from routine can be so refreshing, can't they?

  2. I whole-heartedly agree! It was like a breath of fresh air! We needed it! I'm glad you enjoy your day too!


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