Cooking School

For my mom’s birthday this year, I gave her a cooking class (of her choice) at Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School in York, Maine when she came to New England. So the two of us took a course in their beautiful kitchen.

Everything a cook could need is right at her fingertips in this kitchen. I thought of how nice it would be to have a whole crock of whisks or tongs, and how frequently we wash some of our kitchen tools (ladles, tongs, and dough scrapers especially).

The cooking school staff had prepared trays with everything needed for each recipe that was to be prepared. Here are two of them. So beautiful in their fresh deliciousness!

Our instructor was Susie Middleton (shown here in the pink sweater), the former editor-in-chief Fine Cooking magazine. (I have a subscription to that magazine, and I highly recommend it!) She left the fast-paced world of New York behind, and now lives on Martha’s Vineyard, where she writes and has a small farm and farm stand.

The arrangement of the hour and a half-long course was such that the instructor worked through four different dishes giving lots of excellent technique tips. As she demonstrated and spoke, a member of the staff was busy dishing up plates with that dish on it for everyone to sample.

The menu for the class, which was entitled “Late Summer Farmers’ Market Grazing Menu”, was:

-Crispy Red Potato Patties with Asian Slaw and Limey Dipping Sauce

-Fresh Corn, Zucchini, Onion, and Basil Frittata

-Roasted Butternut Squash, Cranberry, Shallot, and Pecan Rustic Savory Tart (our favorite of the day!)

- Brown Sugar Roasted Plums with Ginger Mascarpone Whipped Cream

It was a delicious and fun afternoon, and one we wish we could repeat more often.


  1. This sounds like such fun! I have two daughters who would love a gift like this.

  2. I can't imagine how much fun that must have been!


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