Other Sorts of Preparations

Feeling pretty adequately prepared at our house for the coming weather, I turned my attention to items on my mental to-do list for the next couple of weeks and how they might be affected by the hurricane.

Corn came to mind. I’ve had plans to buy, blanche, and freeze enough corn to last us a year. Since I don’t have much experience growing corn, it’s hard for me to say how the local corn crop might be affected by lots of rain and high winds. But it seemed prudent to at least make a dent in my intentions. I stopped at a farm stand today and purchased 50 ears of corn. Sitting on the deck and shucking the corn in the dwindling sunlight tonight, it was hard to imagine a storm is coming.

Corn blanching. I got a dozen meals worth from the 50 ears.

Flowers, specifically flowers in January, were also on my mind. In a nearby town, there is a farm with u-pick flowers. This particular farm grows several different types of flowers that dry well. I’ve been meaning to get over there and pick flowers to dry, so I can make some simple flower arrangements of everlastings to add bright spots to our home in the middle of winter. I also picked up some flowers for centerpieces, because we’re having guests for dinner tomorrow night.

These beautiful pink and apple-green zinnias and the pale apple-green cockscomb, plus a few white-yellow dahlias will be our dinner centerpieces, arranged in Ball canning jars.

In addition to more conventional everlastings, I bought a quantity of cockscomb. I just love their velvety texture!

They are all hanging, with some statice I already had, and drying in the laundry/sewing room.

I know, come January, I’m going to be really glad I went flower picking today!

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