Finishing Touches - A Tutorial

Today, having just about an hour of spare time, I put the finishing touches on my recently canned jars of jams and jellies. I’ve covered a lot of jar lids over the years with everything from antique doilies to fabric. But I think I like the look of paper the best.  It’s the easiest to work with because it holds its shape.  And it's inexpensive.

First I traced circles on paper and cut them out.

Then I labeled the center of each circle.

Centering it on the jar, I crimp it in with my hand until it holds its place. This is what makes the paper so easy to work with. The paper means you only need two hands for this jar instead of eight!

I use a fifteen-inch piece of inexpensive jute to tie the paper on. Tie the first half of the knot before slipping it over the jar.

About two dozen jars all finished in an hour. I love the way they look on the pantry shelf when they’re finished like this. And I love how they can be grabbed for a gift in an instant, and how they are already finished for Christmas gift baskets.

Inexpensive and pretty.  Win, win.


  1. i love the idea of using paper. i have only used fabric but the paper, especially the brown, looks so simple and lovely. great idea!


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