The Week's Menus

I love it when there's something from the garden to eat all the time!

Part of last night's dinner
Thursday - rotisserie chicken, rice, zucchini (from the garden)

Friday - Chard Enchiladas (new recipe; chard from the garden), chips/homemade salsa (from last year's the freezer), salads from the garden

Saturday - scrambled eggs (from a local farm) with garlic-cheese pork sausage (from a local farm), fruit, homemade zucchini bread (zucchini from the garden)

Sunday - (having guests for dinner) - grilled cheeseburgers, fruit salad, vegetable platter with dip, potato chips, homemade waffle cones with assorted ice creams

Monday - pasta with grilled chicken and pesto (from last summer's the freezer), salads from the garden

Tuesday - chicken stir-fry (using leftover vegetables from vegetable platter), rice, fruit

Wednesday - spaghetti, garlic bread, salads from the garden


  1. Sounds delicious; I am curious about the chard enchiladas.

  2. I am too! Tomorrow night I'll find out what they're like and report back.

  3. Reporting back: The enchiladas were good, but not great. If you have a bunch of Swiss chard (say perhaps, because you bought Swiss chard by accident...long story), it's a good use for it.


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