Morning in the Garden

I absolutely love watering the garden in the mornings! It’s all freshness and surprises and blue skies!

The onions have come up nicely. I’ve planted about 150 yellow onions (shown here) and about 50 red onions. Onions are so easy to grow and they kept perfectly nicely in the basement until we used the last one last March.

 The pumpkin plants are blooming.

The lettuces are thriving.

Tomatoes in waiting.

While I was tending to the tomato plants, a dragonfly was flitting around me. Eventually it landed right on the tomato stake I was wrapping twine around. Isn’t she a beauty? I even watched her chew up a bug!


  1. You also support your tomatoes with snowplow stakes? : )

    deb meyers

  2. No, those are simple, wooden garden stakes. I do have heavy, metal stakes holding up the deer fencing around the garden though.


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