The Garden's Growing

It's been hot here, so today I got an early start in the garden.  It was pleasant and shady and not too warm nor to cool.  The bees were buzzing all over the garden...a pleasant, busy hum.  And everything is growing so beautifully!

The Jack-Be-Little pumpkins are clinging to the trellis nicely and are just the color of a pale, harvest moon.

The sugar snap peas are nearly done.  They are so delicious sauteed with a bit of garlic and red pepper flakes and finished off with a teaspoon each of soy sauce and sesame oil.  Mmm.  And Sunday, I removed the peas and stuffed the pods with garden vegetable cream cheese for an appetizer.

I planted five cucumber plants.  One survives.  I'm suspecting porcupines were the culprit.  It seems like I should be upset about that, but they are just so adorable. It's hard to be angry with any creature that cute!   But the one remaining plant has some cucumbers, all about 1-inch long, growing on it.

Onions, glorious onions!

The peppers I started from seed just did not grow this spring...too cool.  So I resorted to buying bell peppers and jalapeno peppers.  I think the bell peppers were mislabled, because they look like this.  Who knows what I have?

The jalapenos are thriving.  Jalapeno jelly, anyone?

This morning's harvest:


  1. Your garden gatherings are so lovely... I especially like the little pumpkin! And porcupines... really??? How amazing to have them visit your garden. I agree with you, "I should be upset about that, but they are just so adorable. It's hard to be angry with any creature that cute!"

  2. Yes, really! We see them in the summertime evenings. They are such cute, waddling creatures! I followed one around the yard one night trying to get a picture of him. However, he was exceedingly shy and I could never get him to show me his face, just his waddly haunches. TOO cute!

  3. It looks like you may have ancho/poblano peppers instead of bell peppers. Just a guess.


  4. Thanks so much! I appreciate that! I did finally pluck up my courage to pick one, cut into it, and taste it. Guess what? Bell pepper! Tasted exactly like a bell pepper, although it certainly didn't look like one.


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