A Garden Visit

It seems like in the summertime life revolves much around food…the growing of it, the picking of it, the preserving of it, the cooking of it, and…of course…the eating of it!  Last week I discoverd a whole new food source!  It's a certified organic, pick-your-own garden!  In this beautiful setting, 120 varieties of vegetables, flowers, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and herbs are grown.

The garden grows culinary, medicinal, tea, and Chinese herbs....all for u-pick!  The fragrance of the herbs was so strong that I could smell them as I just stepped into the herb garden.

Lavender and white yarrow in the herb garden.

The most stunning part of the garden was the u-pick flower garden, and most of it wasn't even in bloom yet!

We'll definitely be going back to pick raspberries very soon!


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