Touches of Springtime

Despite the fact that outside we got 6"-8" of snow today (no April Fool's Day joke), inside I added touches of springtime.  It was cleaning day too.  And cleaning is always enhanced when there's a little prettying to accompany it.

Springtime antique books added to the mantle.

A dainty wreath of flower buds.  A pretty greeting for back door arrivals.

Seasonal cookbooks, with covers of green and pale yellow, standing at the ready on the kitchen counter.

Spring is in the air, and in the house!


  1. I can not believe you got snow today!! It was 97 degrees at 1:30 when we went to our Home school P.E. class! YUCK!!

    I like your spring touches.

  2. Yes, all our friends and family who live out west have been either complaining or rejoicing at the warm temperatures. This snow won't last though. Expected to be nearly 50 degrees today.


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