On My Plate

I feel myself pulling out of my winter cocoon.   I even tried on some of last summer’s clothes this morning just for fun.  Too cold to wear any of them, but it was fun to feel a swishy skirt instead of long johns and jeans.  Time to liven things up a bit…lighten things up a bit…shake out the cobwebs…start fresh.  This is what’s on my plate in the coming weeks:

–fruit smoothies for breakfast!

–power walks (I took a 2.5 mile one with Max today.  I told him I was taking him along as bear bait, since a bear was seen not too far away this week.  He was mildly amused.)

–cleaning out closets

–switching my spring/summer tops and pants to the top closet rack and moving the fall/winter ones down


–window washing Saturday (coming this weekend)

–continuing maintaining and starting seeds

–buying more cut tulips for the dining room table (one bunch lasts a week!)

What’s on your plate?

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