The Last of the Winter Menus

Menus are planned around here from Thursday to Thursday, which means that this is the last full week of winter menus for us.  I asked Technohubby what comfort foods he wanted to indulge in one last time before shearing and frolicking begins.  ("Shearing and frolicking" being a much more pleasant way to think of "dieting and exercising".)  I added his ideas to Colette's and mine and this is what the feeding plan looks like for us:

Thursday – stuffed potatoes, tossed green salads

Friday – chili, green salads, and cornbread

Saturday – (possibly gone much of the day, so needed a quick and easy dinner) – canned soup, crackers, salads

Sunday – baked chicken breasts with marinara and topped with cheese, rice, broccoli

Monday – chocolate chips pancakes from the Littleton Grist Mill’s pancake mix, farm fresh scrambled eggs

Tuesday – baked potato soup, green salads

Wednesday – potato gratin with ham, green salads, french baguette


  1. Sounds wonderful and comforting to me Kate.
    Spring is on it's way even here where it is still all snow...

  2. Yes, I agree. Spring is on its way! The chipmunks are out again. And the sap buckets are hanging from the trees. And yesterday I purchased pussy willows!

  3. Can I spend the week with you for dinner? :-)

  4. Sure! Come on up! Just leave that giant, cupcake eating dog behind. :-)


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