Gardening Smock with Enormous Pockets

Putting to use some brown linen I bought in California, I made this gardening smock/house dress from a 1950's vintage pattern of Colette's.  I always find something ripe in the garden that I want to bring in with me, and having enormous pockets like these would be so useful!  Used as a housedress, it'd be perfect for picking up scattered Legos, toy soldiers,or building blocks.  You'll find it in the shop.


  1. Kate, your sewing skills, the colors and styling of these photos, and your beautiful daughter make this a GORGEOUS post. Will you share the pattern #?

    deb meyers

  2. Thank you so much, Deb! I didn't realize until we were done how much the red of the barn doors behind her made the colors pop on the apron pockets.
    I'm sorry to disappoint, but at this point I'm not sharing the pattern number, as I will definitely be putting more of these in the shop.

  3. understandable : )


  4. Thank you so much for understanding!!! I appreciate that! :-)


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